Toast for the Tragedy of Creation

The place: a theater somewhere.

Characters: Satan, God, and son of man.

First scene: one of the characters at the end of the stage, exclaim :

-Dear God, you need to be drunk !!

suddenly a lot of noisy, shouts of rejection and threat.

Once again:

– Dear God, you need to be drunk,

and take a nap on the chest of (Morena)!

until you know the song of the earth and pleasures.

After that, we will propose a toast for the Bad Apple.


**This paint ( Lost Boat) for (Silvia15) **


letter on the board-drawing **for Modigliani**

“Modi”, how do you know the spirit is: two eyes ?!
How do you know, the song is a gift for an unknown?
You create (La Boheme) to find another side in the “Questions”!

“Modi”, did you found the spirt when you painted the ” Eyes” ??